Fr. Anish Mundianickal MSFS (40 years old) is called to Eternity at 1.30 in the morning today-wednesday-( Indian Time) following Covid related illness and his funeral will be at 2.PM tomorrow 10th Thursday. 

We express our condolence to Fr. James and all his confreres who lost a great charismatic preacher, healer and animator that worked tiredlessly for the kingdom of God at Charis Bhavan retreat center, Kerala. He had preached sometime with Fr. James in Europe. Let us all pray for the repose of his soul who will intercede for us before Jesus, the Lord.

This is link to watch the funeral.

Fr. Anish , silent, calm, meek& humble in nature,was specially anointed by the Holy Spirit to look at the eyes of people to find out their sorrows, tears, problems etc and to comfort them, strenghten them and to pray for their health. In short time of his ministry on earth , he captured the hearts of millions all over the world.


Some photos

Mgr. Rt. Rev Dr. Andrzej Siemienieski- auxiliary bishop 
of Wroclaw, Poland


Videos in retreats with Fr. James Manjackal:
Fr. James Manjackal in Brezno. Slovakia.- April 20-22. 2018
 Couples retreat in Wroclaw - Poland

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