“I broke My heart for you because of My love for you,
from My heart flows the blood and water of life.
Come and drink that you may have life”

May the Lord Jesus fill you with His richest blessings
Give Him glory, honor and praise always …


For all that You gave me in the past years,
Thank You for the sunshiny days and for the sad and cloudy ones,
For the calm afternoons and the dark nights.
For the love and for all beautiful and sweet things,
for the flowers and the stars,

Thank You for health and sickness,
for sorrows and joys.
Thank You for all You that gave me and all that You asked of me.
Thank You Lord, for Your smiling face and friendly hand that kept me strong
Thank You for the loneliness, for the work, for the worries,
for the fears, for the difficulties and the tears.
And for everything that brought me closer to You.
I saw Your loving hands and providence even in the negatives!
Thank You for having kept me alive,
for having given me shelter, warmth and nourishment,
Thank you, Lord, for having given me friends and dear ones.
Thank you for all that You created especially man and woman,
Whom You created in Your own image and likeness
Thank you for the innocent little children in the families and
For good souls, who live according to Your will.

Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord.
For this year and all the 366 days of this year
I am ready to do whatever You wish, Lord,
I am ready to follow You always in all circumstances
but I ask You for faith to see You in everything and everybody,
hope, that I may not dismay,
and charity to love You and others more each day,
and to let You be loved among those around me.
Give me patience and humility,
detachment and generosity,
give me Lord what is good for me which You alone know,
for I do not know what is good for me I do not dare to ask.
That my heart may be alert, my ears be attentive,
my hands and mind active,
and that I always may be ready to do Your Holy Will with Your grace.
Lord! Pour out Your grace and blessings upon all my beloved ones
and grant the entire world Your peace.
Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Lord.   Amen.

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