Zurich - Switzerland. January 25 - 28. 2006

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Fabian: I attended several retreats of Fr. James, the
Lord healed me from my most difficult illness called 
Morbus Crohn which no doctors could heal. Praise the Lord

Sandra. I found deep inner healing in the retreat of 
Fr. James, I was liberated from many of my bad habits. 
Of course as a consecuence I am healed from various
kinds of pains like : a stomach pain, pain in the shoulder, etc

Robert: I am married and I had no children when
I attended Fr. James retreat at Dübendorf
(Switzerland). Now I have twins. Praise the Lord!

Therese: I am liberated and healed from various 
kinds of fears. I got deep conversion in the retreat. 
I was involved in new age and esoterics. In the 
retreat I knew that the reason of my illness were 
new age and esoteric. I am free. Praise the Lord

Clara: When I attended a retreat of Fr. James 
6 years ago, 90% of my epilepsy which I was 
suffering since I was little,  was healed. Now
I claim full healing in this retreat

Kata: I am healed from my migraine headache 
and stomach pain. I pray and help the mission
of fr. James

Rita: In the retreat I attended at Göttingen I was
fully healed of depression and inferiority complex 
and fears. I am filled with the Holy Spirit. Now I live a 
new life in Christ.

Sybil: In this retreat I am compeltely healed of my back 
pain which I was suffering for long. I praise the Living God.

Mischo: On the very first day of this retreat, Jesus
healed from my sinositis.

Dubravko: I came very depressd in this retreat, all 
happened because I had no forgiven others. Holy Spirit 
helped to forgive all. Now I am happy. Praise the Lord!


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