Zell am Moos - Austria. June 21 - 24. 2006


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 Hanelore: I came top the retreat with
kidney problems and pains on my knees.
In the first day itself all my pains on the
knees were healed. I am sure I am healed
in my kidney. Praise the Lord

Maria: I have stopped smoking two
weeks ago. In this retreat the Lord called 
my name and filled me with the Holy Spirit 
and I feel that I am born again

Margaret: I was a Reiki master. I was using
pendulum, tarot cards and was healing
through "Family generations" familie 
aufstellung. Four years before in the retreat 
of Fr. James I renounced all these things
but I had a real fight with Satan for four 
years. Now I am completely free. Now
I know the Holy Spirit is the greatest power 
in the world than any other power in the world.

Veronica In this retreat I was able to 
forgive all. As a consequence I received 
deep inner healing and healings of allergie.

Eva: As I was eating more chocolates I
was getting fat. In this retreat I surrendered
my love for sweets and chocolates. and I was liberated 

Irmgard: I got a deep inner healing and a
experince of the Holy Spirit. I am  born
again in grace and power of the Holy Spirit.

 Brigitte: I am fully healed of my knee 
pains and neck pains. Praise the Lord

 Johanna: I am completely healed of 
my depression. Now I can smile and laugh
and experience the joy of the Lord

Eva Maria: The Lord called out my
name and heal my liver cancer. In this 
retreat I have received a great love for
my husband I really experience the
peace of the Lord in my heart.

 Gabrielle: I received a deep inner healing 
and all my pains over the body are gone.
I praise my living Gods

Ludmilla: In this retreat I threw away my
cigarrettes and chocolates. Now I dont feel
any desire to smoke. The Lord liberated me totally.

   Ingrid: I totally believe that I am healed 
of the tumor in the head. The death of my
husband and my many operations for the
tumor had made me depressed. In this
retreat I am healed of my depression. 
Now I can pray and sing. praise the Lord

Bertha: A year ago I attended the retreat of
fr. James and he called out my name and 
Jesus healed my diabetes but I did not believe. 
When I went to the doctor I knew that I was 
healed. I have no more diabetes.
In this retreat Jesus healed my knee also.

Gottfried: It is a wonder that I am totally healed
of my trinitus a year ago in the retreat of Fr.
James at maria Lanzendorf. I praise the Lord

Hans: Jesus called out my name and 
healed  my tumor on the throat. 

Ingeborg: For sixteen years I was depressed.
I had been to many esoteric. I had suicidal
tendencies. In this retreat Jesus healed me 
and liberated me. Now I want to follow Jesus

 Heidi: In this retreat I am liberated from the power 
of esoterics. I had no more pain on my shoulders. 
Also I am healed of my sun allergie.

Maria: I believe and claimed healing for
my malignant tumor.

Ernie: I was fully healed of my back pain in 
the retreat of Fr. James a year ago. I was
suffering for many years. After the prayer of
Fr. James the apin never came back.

Dragica: I am on wheel chair for several years.
I attended several retreats of Fr. james. I am 
healed of the kidney infection and in the lugs.

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