Wigratzbad - Germany. September 26 - 30. 2004

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Monike from Nördlingen - freed from fear, 
sadness, all pains over the body healed, 
able to sleep comfortable

Martina - Offenburg - peace of soul 
and bladder healed and decided 
to follow Jesus

Mandica from Croatia - "No more smoking, 
enough I have smoked 19 years"


.Rupert - lungs healed, perfect peace
and joy in the Lord
Waltraud from Witgrazbad - stomach healed 
filled with tghe Holy Spirit for a new life

Franziska from Seeg - healed from Trinitus,
fainting, decided to live together with the 
husband whom she divorced many years ago.

Rudolf from Vorarlberg - made a very good 
confesion and the heart disease healed 

Iliane from Schwarzwald - "My heart was fully 
healed at the retreat with Fr. James in Haßfurt, now 
I have no migraine headache. I sleep well at night. 
My son Daniel came to the Lord

Mechtilde from Isny - Skindisease healed 
and filled with the Holy Spirit

Margo from Waldscheken- Eyes healed, 
soul filled with joy and peace. 

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