Wigratzbad  - Germany. June 26 - 30. 2006


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Anita: I came to the retreat with a lot of pain because an accident. Jesus called my name and healed me

Inge: For many years I had a severe back pain. I am totally healed. My bladder was operated six years ago but I had pains on the operated part, that too is totally healed

Irene: I came with a lot of pain on my leg. Now I am healed and I am filled with the Holy Spirit

 Hanna: I had sickness in my eyes and ears, now I can see and hear perfectly well. All my guilt feelings are gone. I am very happy in the Holy Spirit

Gabrielle: I received a deep inner healing. Physically I am healed of my back and neck pains and allergies.

  Markus: I had a rare skin disease on my body. I am healed, also I am healed from my rgeumatic pains and liberated from all forms of fears.

Elke: As a result of my inner healing I had the experience ogf new life in the Holy Spirit, I have decided to follow Jesus

Rosel: When I came to the retreat I had a running stomach. I am fully healed, now I can sleep well. Praise the Lord

   Dorothea: I had problems with two disks on my spine. It was painful and it was difficult to get up from the bed. Now I am healed totally. Also I have received healing in the stomach. Now I can eat any food.

Stephan: A year ago in a retreat at Polanten I was healed from eczema.

Monika: I am healed from all my allergic pains and in my liver and stomach. 

 Melica: I was liberated from my habit of smoking cigarrettes in a retreat with Fr. James at Zadar, Croatia. There I received a healing for the tyrod and stomach. In this retreat I was able to make a very good confesdion and I received a deep inner healing and new life.

Anton: I had a very bad accident three years before. I was taking many pain killers until this retreat. I came with the clutches, now I go without clutches. Jesus healed me. praise the Lord

Brigitte: I was in all kinds of esoteric practices. In this retreat I was finally liberated. 
Now I have decided to live an authentic Christian life. I am ready to do anything for the Lord 

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