Vienna  - Austria. July 27 - 30. 2006


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Claudia: Since a long time I was suffering from back pain. In the retreat it was very hard for me to sit and listen. But on the very first day during the Holy Mass I was healed. Later on during the healing prayer the Lord called out my name and confirm my healing. Praise the Lord.
 Regina: In one of the retreats of Fr. James I was fully healed of my problems in the ear and pains on the feet. Now I can hear well and walk aroun and jump on my feet. I praise God
Sandra: In this retreat I had the experience of being born again. I feel myself fully cleansed in my heart. I have no more neck pain and headaches. I will follow Jesus, my Saviour.
 Milka: In one of the retreats of Fr. James in the past I was healed of various kinds of pains of the bones. I was a chain smoker, but the Lord gave me grace to stop smoking. Praise the Lord
Beate: I am a charismatic for the last twenty years but I was able to make a good confesion of all my sins and change my life only after reading the book of Fr. James :"siehe ich klopfe an". Now I am totally new and I give my life to the Lord.
Br. Florian: I am am dominican studying Theology for priesthood. When I came to this retreat I had many doubts about my vocation and also about sacraments. The talks of Fr. James cleared all my doubts. I feel myself strong. Surely I will become a holy priest for the Lord and the people. Please pray for more vocations in our country.
Christoph: I came to this retreat to please my mother. But the Word of God changed my life. I received new life through the Holy Spirit. My name was called out and I was healed of my Trinitus. From my childhood I was taking homöpathy because I was allergic to antibiotics. Homöpathy never healed me but my problems continued. In this retreat Jesus healed me totally. I say bye to homöpathy and I follow Jesus. 
Peter and Elisabeth: We were out of the Church for the last 30 years. On the second day of the retreat during the healing prayer, Jesus called and spoke through the mouth of Fr. James, "Peter, you and your family should come back to Me" I burst into tears because Fr. James did not know me, I was sitting behind unnoticed by anybody. definitely I knew that Jesus knows and loves me. Today we are happy that by recitng the Creed oficially we came back to the Catholic Church in the presence of many priests and people here in Marianeum 

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