Werl - Germany. March 29 - April 1. 2006


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Petra: After a very long time in this retreat I was able 
to make a very good confesion from my heart.
I feel totally free to love God and love others. 
I am born again by the Holy Spirit

Ira: Since a long time I had problems in the 
ears. I could not hear. Yesterday Jesus called 
out my name through Fr. James. Now I can hear well. 
Praise the Lord

Theresia Maria: I came to the retreat with much 
inner pains, specially because of the death of
my grandmother. I received a deep inner healing, 
now I rejoice and praise God

Elke Hoffmann: After 30 years I came back to
Jesus and to His church. I was with Sahia Baba
and esoterics. Now I experience God's love within 
me, I will never turn back. In the inner healing
all what was told was about me.

Josef: In this retreat I came to know many things. 
Now I have no fear to work more for the Lord

Maria: In this retreat I received the Holy Spirit.
I claimed healimg for my heart disease, pain in the 
eyes and on the back.Jesus I love you

Ruca: I was suffering from back pain for thirty years.
I dont know where the pain is gone. jesus took my 
pain away in this retreat.

Ruca: I am healed of my knee pains and 
headache. During the inner healing prayer I put my 
hands on the head as Fr. James told, when I 
removed the hand I had no pain. I am fully healed

Irrhild: I received the power of Jesus through 
the Holy Spirit. I am totally healed of my back pain.
I will serve my Living God.

Klaus: It is a wonder that I have no pains in
my kness, I never asked for it, but during the prayer
in this retreat Jesus healed me by calling my name.
Praise the Lord

Lucia. I have cancer on my lungs. In this
retreat I claimed a healing. I believe that I will
be healthy. Praise God.

Michaela: It was difficult for me to forgive 
one of my colleagues, in this retreat I was able to 
forgive her, when I will see her I will hug her.
I am born again. Praise the Lord

 Sandra: I had a deep conversion, I was with all esoteric.
In this retreat I felt darkness and bondages 
going out of me. I am set free by the Living Lord.

Fr. Mathias: I am from Switzerland, I am healed
very much in my soul, I had much pain on my right
shoulder and urinal problems. But Jesus healed
me from all these in this retreat. I go back 
strong to my parish.

 Horst: Halleluja, I came with many sicknesses
in this retreat, now I go back healthy and young.
In this retreat I learned much how to live an 
authentic Christian life. Praise the Lord


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