Odessa - Ukraine. June 10 - 12. 2005

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Fr. James standing against the Black Sea
in Odessa, Ukraine

The Cathedral Church of "Our Lady of Asumption"
at Odessa where Fr. James preached 

 The dolphins jumped through the rings
which were tied above two meters 

Fr. James and Gaby had a chance to see 
the display of seals and dolphins. In this
you see a girl playing with the seals

The dolphins jumping more than 2 meters above

A dolphin playing with a ball 

 All the four dolphins jumped to reach the
ballons above which are higher than 4 meters 

The dolphins playing with the rings around the head

Two dolphins carrying a man 


Vanda: For last 12 years I could not walk around
without the help of somebody. I was brought here
by one of my neighbours. When Fr. James prayed
over me I was healed, now I can walk around without any pain

 Maria: I had pain all over the body 
and I had breathing dificulties. When 
I forgave everyone I was totally healed

Ana: Since long time I had ches pain and 
the doctors could not find the reason. 
Here in the healing prayer I was totally healed

Alexander: For the last 6 years I had severe back 
pain and I spent much money on doctors and medicines.
Yesterday when Fr. James prayed over me, I felt a power 
flowing through my back and now I am completely healed

Ana: I got a deep inner healing and I am healed
of my chest pain and headache 

Galina: I felt the power of the Holy Spirit on me
, now I am born again, I had no more headache 
and I can sleep well

 Kaja: I am healed of my headache and pain 
in the stomach. I feel the joy of the Holy Spirit 

Nella: I got a deep inner healing, I have
a great peace in my soul, now I can pray well, 
I received the gift of tongues 

Yana: In this retreat I made a very good confession
after a long time, I have become a new person
now. I have decided to follow Jesus


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