Innsbruck -Austria. February 16 - 19. 2005


Ivanna.- I am freed from the habit of 
chain smoking. I decided to live a NEW 

Cristel.- I am healed from the allergy to 
fruits and milk. Also I am healed from 

Klaus .- I am healed from back pain as 
soon I made a good confesion in the 
retreat. The Holy Spirit filled me with a new life.

Sister Maria.- My superiors send me to
this retreat as it is the 40th. Anniversary of 
my profession. I am healed from a 
chronic cough and now I can sleep well.

Frida Monika.- I am healed on my 
shoulder and foot. Now I can lift 
my hands after a long time.

Sister Yolanda.- I am a Polish, ever 
since I came to Austria I have pain all 
over the body. I believe I am healed in 
the retreat. I am filled with the Holy Spirit

Waltraude.- In my last retreat with Fr. James
I was totally healed from reumatic pains. 
To this retreat I habe brought my husband 
too. Now I am Spirit filled.

Stana.- I am from Slovenien, I am healed 
from my diabetic problems. 
I buried my old self

Johannes.- I am healed from back pain.
I found a new life in Christ

The Lord healed my past memories and 
wounds. I  am able to experience 
God's love

María I am healed completely of my 36 
years of spinal pain which 
started with the first child birth

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