Testimonies from Cape Town - South Africa.  February 3 - 12. 2006

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Michael: Never in my life I had such an experience of 
the Holy Spirit. I am healed of all my bodily and 
have become a new Christian through the Holy Spirit

Londe: I am fully healed of my head. I met Jesus my
Lord in this retreat.

 Alex: When Fr. James told to lay the hands on the part 
of the body with the pain. I put my hand on my back 
and prayed for a healing of the back pain.
I am completely healed. Praise the Lord

Lorenz: I am healed in my eyes of glaucoma. 
Praise the Lord!

John: I am healed of my angina-pectoris

Nikolas: I had two strokes. I came to this retreat
with walking sticks. I am completely healed, and I threw
away my clutches. Now I am free

Jane: I had a lot of pains all over my body. 
Now I have no pains. I am born again.

Lillian: I am fully healed of my knee pain. 
Thank you Jesus

Rumilla: I am healed of arthritic pains. Following
an accident I had back pain for a long time.
I am healed and completely healthy

Monic: Following an accident I had pains on both my knees,
I am healed and I can walk without any problem

Therese: I had a lot of pains on my shoulders and 
I could not lift them. Noy I have no pains and I can lift 
my hands and praise God. Haleluja
Theresa: I am completely healed of my kidney stones. 
Since two days I have no back pain. I got the gift of 
praying in tongues.

isidor: On the first day I am healed of diabetic.
Yesterday when I tested my blood I am normal

I had a heart operation in the past, in this retreat
I am fully healed in the heart of the apins, sofocation
that continued after the operation

Windy: In the chilhood I was very much wounded,
I had a lot of hidden sins, here I made a very
good confession, I received a deep inner healing.
I am free and I am new. I will serve the Living God


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