Schlierbach - Austria. May 20 - 22. 2005

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Anka: "I am healed of my pain on my both 
feet which I had for five years. I am filled
with the Holy Spirit"

Joseph: I am fully healed of my knee pain 
which I suffered for long. I have the peace 
and joy from the Holy Spirit, I am born again

 Margit: I claimed healing of my cancer 
in the stomach for five years. I received
a deep inner healing and I praise God

Anna: I am completely healed of my throat 
problem of which I was suffering for ten years,
I claimed healing for my kidney, galdbladder 
and stomach. I praise God

Zensy: I forgave my mother in law after a 
very long time. I am healed in my soul, 
now I am born again.

Helga: Jesus called my name through 
Fr. James and healed me from my
soriasis, blood presure and back pain.

Gottfried Haas: My relationship with Jesus and 
the Church was very bad. I used to go to Church
only on Christmas and Easter, after 50 years I 
made a good confession in the retreat of Fr. 
James and started a new life with my family

Regina: In the retreat, Fr. James called out 
my name and Jesus healed me from my three 
diseases, my stomach pain, skin disease, and 
vein problems

Erika: I am schzophrenic and depressive 
along with my multiple Sclerose for 19 years.
I believed the Lord has healed me. I am 
happy and I am filled with the Holy Spirit

Monica: I am reconciled with my husband
and I start a new life in my family with my 
husband. I am healed of my knee pain 
and back pain.

  Hermine: Fr. James called out my name 
and I ma healed of my diseases in the
blood. I am fully happy 

Christoph: I am a medical doctor, in this 
retreat I am healed of my arthrose and 

Karin: I received a deep inner healing in this 
retreat. In the retreat while I was praying for 
my son Phillip, Jesus called his name in the 
prayer of Fr. James, I claimed healing for him

Doris: I am reconciled with my mother in 
law. My husband and me renewed our 
committment of married life and my husband 
is healed of neurodermitis and we decided
to live a happy family life

George: I got a deep inner healing. For last 
many years I could not lift up my hand due 
to shoulder pain. Jesus called out my name 
and healed me.

Elfriede: I am healed of my liver disease 
and sinusitis. I claimed healing for my 
son Marcus

Adelheid: I am healed of my poliarthritis 
and my diseases in the intestine.

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