Fr. James in Rome (Italy). April 5  - 7 . 2005
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ORF interviews Fr. James soon after 
the death of the Pope at St. Peter's square

Another view of the big crowd standing long 
time to see the body of the Pope in silence 
and prayerfullness

Fr. James offering Mass for the Pope
in St. Peter's Basilica

Thousands of such pictures can be seen 
on the walls in the whole city of Rome
"Rome mourns and greets to his Pope"

More than 130.000 people attended the Requiem
Mass and prayed for the Pope

The body of the Pope seen on the electronic board, there were such several 
boards along via Consolacion, while the picture of the Pope was 
appearing, people were clapping hands.

The Holy Mass for the Pope on Sunday morning in 
St. Peter' Square celebrated by Card. Angelo Sodano 
with all other cardinals

 The big crowd gathered in the square

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