La Reunion Island -France. January 28 - February 6. 2005

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Open air program

On the rain




Marie Agnes : I am healed of my 
breast cancer

Marie Françoise : I am healed from my 
uterus cancer already in the retreat of 
July. I testify with my husband

Eliane : I was divorced but after the retreat 
of July divorce withdrawn and reconciled
with the husband 

Emmanuel : Problem with wife solved, 
freed from depression and physical pains

David: I am healed my spine and headache

Joel : I am liberated from smoke and alcohol

Francina: I am healed of my allergy 
and I have received the gift of tongues

Michelle : I am healed from tyrod and 
fish allergy. Today I ate fish 
and I have no problem

Jacqueline: I am healed in spin and 
pancreas, also from arthrosis, 
I have no more pain in the body

M. Therese : I am healed of my urinal 
diseases, I come from Mauritius. 
God gave many material blessings to 
my family after the last retreat

Kilen : When I forgave all I was healed 
of my back pain

Edisa : I forgave my parents, I am set
free from Satan and darkness, 
now filled with the Holy Spirit

Marieline : I received inner healing and 
no more back pain. I am filled with
the Holy Spirit

Marisa : I received inner healing and 
all my bodily pains are gone

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