La Réunion Island.  - France. July  18 - 27. 2004

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Fr. James and Fr. Michael Rochefeuille
with a Muslim family for whom  Fr. James 
prayed for healing and spoke about Jesus

Fr. James met the youth who were in
the retreat separately and formed
them a prayer group

 Evening Mass and healing where between 
5000 and 6000 people gathered in the ground



Yann - Found a new life in Christ, 
stop bad habits typical to youth

Didier - Freed from satanism and occult. 
Decided to live for Christ

Noel - Stopped smoking, made a good 
confesion and claimed a new life

Dr. Georg - Stopped alternative 
medical practices like accupresure, 
accupunture, homeopathy, reiki, etc.

Jean Pierre - Experienced the Holy Spirit 
in a marvellous way with the gift of 
tongues and decided to live a 
new life in Christ

Sylvie - Her first retreat, changed her 
life completely, accepted Jesus Christ 
as the only Saviour and Lord with the 
decission to spread the renwal in 
the island

Sylvie - Claimed inner healing and 
received the gift of tongues

Gina - Made a confesion after a long time, 
received a healing of the tyroid.

Marie - Liberated from many inner wounds 
and claimed inner healing and new 

Sabrine - Healed from alcohol, smoking, 
prostitution, satanism, etc. 
decided to live a new life in Christ

Marie Thérese - Claimed physical healing 
of kidney stone and reumatic pains

Claudette - Healed from chronic skin 
disease, urinal infections and pains 
on the feet

Erika - She and her husband Emmanuel 
claimed inner healing. Emmanuel was 
set freed from satanism, he had made 
a pact with Satan! Erika was healed from 
her long time stomach disease

Daisy - was able to forgive her husband, 
her breast was healed from 
swelling and pains

Aliet - Claimed healing of breast 
cancer and received the Holy Spirit

Marie Thérese - received healing in 
the kidney, became completely a 
new person in Christ

Jerry - Freed from many bad habits, 
experienced the Holy Spirit with
the gift of tongues

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