Pollanten - Germany. April 27 - 30. 2005

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Maria: MY bladder is healed I slept 
comfortably. I am filed with the Holy Spirit

Jürgen: I am healed from back pain, shoulder 
and neck pain. I feel young and energetic.

Elisabeth:I received an inner healing. I 
believe and I claimed a healing for soriasisi

Ursula: My tyrod is healed

Irmgard: My uterus tumor, my chronic pancreatitis 
and tyrod are hwaled. I feel strong and young.

Violeta: I am healed from the chronic 
pain on the troath.

Norbert: The Lord called my name in the retreat. I 
renounced homeopathy treatment and I am healed 
of cancer in the pancreas

Mate: When Fr. James called out my name during 
the prayer I was fully healed of my back pain.

Hans: I decided to live a new life in holiness. I am 
fully healed of my prostate glnds.

Michael: I received the Holy Spirit and I am healed 
from pains on the hips and back. I am a new man.

Alicia: I received deep inner healing and 
I am healed of my back pain.


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