Pilgrimage to Italy. June 25 - 28. 2004

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Loretto. Fr. James at the statue of 
padre Pio in front of the Loretto

Monte Gargano where St. Michael 
the archangel appeared to a 
bishop in the 4th. century and 
asked to build a sanctuary

Fr. James with the statue of Padre pio 
in the position of his last Mass

This is the statue of the 
Crucified Lord from where 
Padre Pio received the 

Fr. James concelebrated Mass 
on Saturday in the sanctuary 
of Madonna of the Grazia, 
where Padre Pio is buried

Lanciano, the greatest miracle 
of the Holy Eucharist happened 
in the 8th. century. Jesus body 
and blood are kept in the 
Monstranz and Chalice

Lanciano. Fr. James prays before 
the miracle of Lanciano


Fr. James prayed at the sacred 
remains of St. Thomas the Apostle 
at Ortona for the unity of the Church

Anthony of Padua. Fr. James at the 
statue of St. Anthony

Pigeons (doves) in the hands of Fr. James 
praiseng God 

St. Catherina of Bologna on 
a chair on which she sat down 
at the command of her superior when 
her body was exhumated. 
Still she remains intact on the 
same chair and position.

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