Münster - Germany. August 4 - 7. 2004

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Monika : liberated from depression, 
fears, suicidal tendencies, 
"born again in Christ"

Ursula: healed from pains on 
the shoulder, back, etc. became 
new in the Spirit

Brigitte: "I met my Jesus in my soul, 
I will follow Him". 
Healed from heart pain.

Peter : I am healed from my 
chronic back pain.
I have decided to follow Jesus

Ana, healed from heart disease 
and a tumor in the head dissapeared

Susana: "I experienced God 
in the retreat, also I am healed 
from asma".

Paul: I experienced the Holy Spirit and 
love of God. I am healed from my kidney 
stone. I felt a great love for my wife as 
if on the first day of my marriage

Mirko: I am healed in my soul and
I am freed from my back pain

Günther: I am healed in my mind and 
body and I have decided to form 
a prayer group

Petra: After 26 years I have come back
to jesus and to my Church with a real
conversion and confesion. Jesus healed 
me from my wounds of the soul and
the pains on the back and legs

This couple decided to join the 
catholic Church

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