Marianeum Wien - Austria. September 15 - 18. 2004

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Karl "my prostate glands are healed,
I have no pain"

Theresia "Jesus liberated me from 
all my fears. I am ready to work for the Lord"

Martha "I am healed of my headache 
and pains of the body. I am so happy"

Henriette "I am healed on my spine, 
I have no pain, Holy Spirit filled 
me with power

Erika "God did a miracle for me, 
He healed my eyes completely"

Dr. Genot "during the prayer of liberation, 
I was set freed from evil power of acupunture, 
chinese medicines and other esoteric practices. 
I am a new man and a new doctor"

Ludmilla "throat healed, filled with 
the Holy Spirit"

Helga "Pain all over the body 
and crumps on the legs healed"

Paula "Back pain completely healed 
and healed in my blood"

Sister Magdalena "I abandoned the 
esoteric stone given by another sister 
and I am healed fully from my skin disease. 
Although I attended Fr. James several retreats 
only when I threw away the stone I was 
healed physically"

Rosama "I claimed healing for my heart disease"

Dorothea "I am healed in my stomach 
and from my veins diseases"

Helga "I am healed from poliarthritis"

Gerta "I am healed from the tumor in the liver"

 Ivka "I am a Croatian, I came with many 
diseases and pains in my body, I am filled
with the Holy Spirit and I have claimed all the 
healings that Fr. James pronounced" 


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