Kerala - India. Charis Marien Maids (CMM). March 19 - 2005
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The gate of the sisters where
"love, sacrifice, service" 
written in Malayalam as the moto of their lives.

Those sitting: Sister Philo (superior of CMM), Bishop Peter, Fr. Zacharias
(director of CMM). Those standing: sr. Achamma, sr. Regina, sr. Rosi, sr. 
Rosily, sr. Marykutty, sr. Cecily, sr. Rosamma.

This is the main house where the 
Charis marien maids live

Those sitting: Fr. Jose Parappillil (Provincial), 
Fr. Sebastian (VG of the diocese), 
Fr. Johny (Superior of SFS seminary), 
Fr. Devesia Kuzhuppil (Superior of Charis Bhavan).

The Charis Marien had the lunch 
with the Bishop and distinguished guests.
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