Lyon - France. August 17 - 20. 2005

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Jacqueline: I found my way back to Jesus by 
a real conversion. In this retreat I forgave 
everybody Jesus healed me physically, 
all my pains on the body are healed

Jean Claude: For long time I had no good sleep.
My bodily pains are healed, now I can sleep well

Sylvie: Jesus called my name and healed me
from my hormonal problems. I am filled 
with the Holy Spirit. Now I am new

Paule: I am one of the Paules called out
and healed during the prayer. I am healed 
of Ostheoprorosis and I had no back pain and 
shoulder pain. I slept well after a very 
long time. Praise the Lord!

Ma. Thérese: Due to an accident I could not kneel
down for a long time. During the healing prayer the Lord 
healed me. Also I am healed from my back pain.

Michaelle: I am healed of "fibromalgie" (muscle's sickness) 
of 21 years. On these days I slept comfortable 
without any pain. I praise Jesus

Marie Noell: I am healed of my depression and
suicidal tendencies. I received a physical 
healing of back pain and stomach pain.

Dominic: I am healed of all the diseases in the blood.
I am born again by the Holy Spirit

Queue of the people for giving testimonies. 
Due to lack of time only few could give their testimonies

Beatrice: I came back to the Church. For a long
time I was in occult and other evil practices. In 
this retreat I met the Living Lord and
I have decided to live for Him.

Elizabeth: I received a deep inner healing 
and a physical of my back pain and ear pain

Maryvonne: I am 57 years old. I had stopped 
making confesion at the age of twelve! In this 
retreat I made a very good confesion 
and now I am born again by the Holy Spirit

Philip: I stopped my long habit of smoking 
cigarrettes. Jesus healed my back pain
which I had after my car accident

Geneveve: I received a deep inner healing 
and life change. I am physically healed of 
my shoulder pains. Now I can lift my hands 
and praise God

 Claire Emmanuel: Jesus gave me grace
to forgive all which was difficult for me 
until this retreat. Now I feel light like a butterfly.
I begin a new life.

Francis: In this retreat during the healing service 
I believed that I am healed of my tumor in the kidney

Martine: At the age of ten my eye was hurt by an 
accident. In this retreat I got a healing. Also I am healed 
of my headache

Jacques: I received the Holy Spirit and He gave the gift 
of tongues to pray which I was longing for a long time

Ma. Thérese: I am a girl with a sick heart. 
The doctors have fixed my heart surgery. I believe 
that my Jesus healed me and there will not be an
operation for my heart


Thérese Marie: I received a deep inner healing 
and new life. The Lord took away all my
fears and anxieties. I have decided to follow Jesus

Thérese: During the prayer, when I aplied the
Blood of Christ on my shoulder and back I was 
healed of the pains which I was suffering for thirty
years after a car accident. I felt liberation from 
all curses when Fr. James broke the curses in the healing prayer


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