Linz  - Austria. March 23 - 26. 2006


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Vlado: For a very long time I was suffering from back 
pain, recently I developed pain on the neck, shoulder
and the whole body. In this retreat Jesus called out my
name and healed me.

Tomislav: I had back pain for thirty years. Because 
of the  car accident I had pain on the hips, I could
not walk properly, I could not bend, I could not lift 
my hands. In this retreat by calling my name Jesus 
healed me fully  (He bent well and lifted the hands before the people).

Slavka: Because of my knee pain and swelling I 
could not walk properly, I was afraid that I would be 
paralized. In this retreat the Lord healed me completely 
and I can walk and do anything without any pain.


Cornelia: In this retreat I claimed healing for my heart 
and stomach. I believe that I am healed from my blood 
pressure too. Above all these I found a new life in Christ.

 Eva: I believe that I am healed from my 
breast cancer. My knee pain and pains on 
the joins are totally healed when Jesus called 
out my name through Fr. James. I take them as 
signs of my healing of cancer.

Christa: You should know that I was suffering 
pain in the stomach for the last 20 years. On the
first day of the retreat the Lord called my name and 
healed me. Since four days I have no pain.. praise the Lord

Ludvina: For twenty nine years I was allegic to all kinds
of food, It wasa big problem in my life. In this retreat 
the Lord healed me and I can eat anything. 
Praise the Lord!

I testify the healing I received two years back at 
Schlierbach in a retreat of Fr. James. I had a broken
bone on the back because of an accident. In that 
retreat I was totally healed in my bone and from all
the consecuences.

Maria: I am from Linz. I had stomach pain. 
I am healed and I am filled with the 
Holy Spirit for a new life.

Burgy: I come from Tirol, when I came to the retreat
I had pain on the neck, shoulder and all over the body.
I am healed from all the pains and born again in the Holy Spirit

Hannelore: I am from Linz, I was healed from my 
breast cancer in other retreat. But I had pains 
on the leg and hip. Here I am healed from those pains.

Antonia: I come from Tirol, because of my back 
pain and knee pain I could not sleep for a long time. 
Jesus called out my name through the lips 
of Fr. James and healed me.

Brigitte: I am from Niederösterreich, I believe 
that I am healed from my breast cancer because
my headache and pains on the shoulder are completely 
healed. I believe that I am totally healed of cancer.
Praise the Lord

Silvia: I am from Vienna, I was suffering from
pains on the neck, back and I could not lift
my hands to praise the Lord. I am fully healed.
In this retreat I claimed healing for my children also.

Leopold: I am from Niederösterreich, because
of my back pain I could not kneel down. I am 
completely healed, i can kneel down and 
I can walk around. praise the Living God

Lidia: I am from Linz, I have a great joy
and peace because I left my habit of smoking cigarrettes.
I am liberated and filled with the Holy Spirit

Gisela: I came with a lot of burden of heart and
physical back pain. I was in the practice of esoteric.
Here the Lord liberated me from all those through
the talks of Fr. James. I threw away and burned all
the books, cassettes conected with esoteric. Jesus 
called my name and healed me, now I will live a new life

Bertha: I claimed healing for my skin disease and 
stomach pain.

Angelika: I have a special sickness in my nose 
which was going through my whole body, especially
stomach. In this retreat the Lord healed me.

I am Gisela from Linz, I am healed from allergy 
to food. because of weak immune system I had
pains all  over the body. I am fully healed.

Erwin Simon: I had problem in my throat for the
last forty years, I could not sing or speak for long.
In this retreat I felt a warmth in my throat and 
I was able able to sing although I was sepaking with
the retreatants as I am one of the organizers.
(He read the first reading of the Mass as a testimony of his healing)

Brigitte Karr: The Lord healed me in a special way 
from my inner problems. In the last retreat with 
Fr. James, the Holy Spirit asked to evangelize, as a
result with the help of God I was able to organize this 
retreat. Now I afeel that I must continue working
for evangelization.


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