Kapfenberg  - Austria. April 28 - May 1. 2004

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Wolfgang was an atheist, converted

Ana María healed from fears 
sadness and bodily pains.

Mattilda back pain healed 
and experience of grace

Elisabeth arms healed, 
backpain healed

Hedwig filled with the Holy Spirit, 
received gift of tongues

Renate healed from Hepatitis

Sigrid a great experience of Gods love

Franz was able to forgive all

Heidi healed from all inner problems and 
claimed complete healing of the body

Margaret seven years had spine pain and 
ear pains, received immediate healing

Ingirid's stomach pains healed

Matthäus and Christine, happy couple. 
Christine's migraine healed

Joseph filled qith the Holy Spirit 
received tongues, vision, etc

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