Hamburg - Germany. September 20 - 23. 2004

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Britta- I am healed from Parkinsons.I was
waiting for my name to be called,
He called me and healed me alleluia.

Hildegard from Poland."Jesus healed me 
from Insomnia in this retreat,I was taking 4 tabs 
daily for sleeping,now I can sleep like an angel!"

Salome from Korea"the shoulder pains 
and all bodily pains which I had after my bypass
surgery is fully healed.I have the Joy of the Lord"

Martina" I was in various heilpracticals 
like Reiki,pendulam etc,I left veyrthing now,
the Lord gave answers to all my problems here,I will follow him"

Elizebeth"The Lord gave me a deep inner
healing,I am changed,I can pray in tongues,
I am ready to work for the Lord."

Enriqueta from Pholippines "I am fully 
healed from my pains on my feet when my 
name was called out in prayer on the firstday by Fr. James."

Walter from Poland" I am healed and 
freed from my lust and all sexual problems,
I will live a holy life"

Josely from Cameron, I am freed from the 
curse received from my uncle, 
no more reuma, now I can sleep well

Katherina, I am healed from skin disease, I am 
set freed from depression, my ears are 
opened, no more pain in the ears

Roland."I had a lot of  doubts about Gods 
existence, Now I believe 100%in His Exietence 
and accept Jesus as my personal Lord and Saviour."

Fr.Thomas."Jesus showed all my past hidden sins,
He touched my life,my pains on the shoulder 
and heart are healed.Praise the Lord"

Susanna from Kerala,India"My cancer 
is healed,my throat and chest are 
healed from pains"

Monika, all my pains on the spine are 
healed and I am liberated from all allergies.

Johannes Josef, I praise God for my 53 years 
of married life with my wife. The good Lord 
healed me from cancer

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