Göttingen - Germany. May 26 - 29. 2005

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Anna: I am fully healed from my epilepsy,
I praise my God

Margarethe: Fr. James called out my name
and Jesus healed me from my many sicknesses
in the heart, in the stomach and in the kidney

Francisca: I am healed of my chronic
asthma, I received great joy in this retreat,
which I never had in my life

Stephan: The Lord gave me the gift of 
fasting, praying in tongues and listening 
to His words. Jesus healed my mother 
from back pain

Nasu: For a long time I was under the bondage
of Satya Sahi Baba to whom I went many times
on India. In this retreat the Lord healed me from
this bondage. Fr. James adviced me how to pray against the power of Sahi Baba who comes to
me often to trouble me and harrase me. Now I am happy

Günther: I received a living faith in the 
Holy Eucharist, yesterday when I received Communion, I felt that the Sacred Host
turned into real flesh

Ralph: This retreat increased my faith, I 
claimed healing for my son Lukas for 
his kydney disease

Brigvitte: In this retreat I stopped smoking, 
the Lord healed me from my stomach
pains through the prayer of Fr. James

Ingeborg: I am an old lady who suffered much 
in my life by the death of my dear ones and
many catastrophes. In this retreat Jesus took
away all my pains especially in the inner
healing prayer. I received great joy which is 
beyond words. I praise Jesus. I love Jesus. I pray 
that Jesus takes care of Fr. James and bring 
peace to many people who suffer like me

 Gertraud: I was able to forgive all who 
offended me in my life. I received a deep
inner healing. I am born again


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