Fest für Jesus. Graz -Österreich. June. 3 - 5. 2006


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 Franz Astl from Weiz: I came to this Fest für Jesus with
much pain in my right eye (inflamation of the retine). 
On the very first day, Fr. Leo and Fr. Florian laid hands
and prayed and felt healing. Later, after my confesion,
Fr. James prayed over me, now I have no pain and I am healed.

Gisi: Three years ago in a Fest für Jesus here, 
Jesus healed me from Gallblader stones and
I found my way back to the Church, now I am trying 
to live a good Christin life

Otto from Beinburg: I had my prostate problem 
and much pain on my body, on the second 
day of Fest für Jesus I was fully healed.
I praise the Living God

Edith from Waldviertel: I was in esotheric and 
as a result I lost my faith and I was in depression, 
In the retreat with Fr. Jame I renunced all
evil and now I am living a happy life

Brigitte from Brunn near Wien: I attended a 
retreat with Fr. James in Linz. I believed and claimed
a healing for my cancer in the breast. Praise the Lord!

Manfred from Carinthia: In the retreat with 
Fr. James I am completely healed from bleeding
in the intestine.

Uli from Großklein: I was living a bad life with
smoke, drugs and fully involved in esotheric. Jesus 
came to my life through the retreat of Fr. James
and set me free and healed me

Anton: I came to this program with much 
pain in my knees, I could not even walk properly. 
Now I am completely healed.

Gathinga: I am healed from my bleeding, 
I found new life with Jesus.

Monika from Linz: In a retreat at Linjz I was
healed of depressions and fears I had for
many years, now I am happy and courageous
in the Lord

Annie from Graz I came to this program 
of Fest für Jesus with much pain in the
stomach and on the second day during the 
healing prayer I was healed.

Ruth from Wien: I and my family did not
believe in Christ, I attended Fest für jesus last 
year here and believed in Jesus, and shared my
experiences with my whole family. and as a result
all came to attend a retreat in Semering in Wien
and all got baptised. Now we are living a Christian
life. I am engaged to a Catholic boy and
within few weeks we will get married.

  Michael and Renate: THis Fest für Jesus is our first
retreat with Fr. James. We were able to repent of our
sins and make good confesions. We are friends. We have 
decided to marry and to live a good Christian family life.

Violeta from Kosovo. I had cancer in the stomach and
it spread all over my body and I was about to die. 
Elisabeth, an Austrian lady took me to the retreat
of Fr. James last year and he prayed over me.
I am completaly healed. I have the certificate
of the doctor with me.  I praise the Living Lord

Gertraud: In a retreat I told Fr. James to pray
for the conversion and healing of my father who was 
94 years old. The Lord heard the prayers. My 
father was healed and started driving again. He 
made a good confesion and changed his life
and he was going to Church everyday, and had
a peaceful and holy death

Maria from Pieding: In the first Fest für Jesus 
in the Eishalle Liebenau in 2002, Fr. James 
prayed for me so that my husband would come 
back. It really happened, my husband came back, 
now we have better relation and live together.
Five years ago I was healed from smoking habit 
of thirty years by the prayer of an american priest. and
last year in Fest für Jesus I was healed from my 
back pain. Praise the Lord

Rolf from Freiburg, germany: In the retreat
of Fr. James at basel my family and I met the
Lord and started living an authentic Christian life.
My daughter got a physical healing on her knees. 
When I became a charismatic my old friends left me 
but I am happy the Lord gave new friends who
love Jesus

Edith from Waldviertel: I was deeply involved
in esoteric, in the retreat of Fr. James I recognised
the evil powers behind it. In the retreat at
Güntersdorf I left all esoterics and started living a new 
life in Christ. In future I will be led by the power 
of the Holy Spirit only

Nicola from Croatia but now living in Wels:
I met Jesus through Fr. James in Linz and the Lord
set me free from my habit of smoking cigarrettes. 
Now I am trying to live a good Christian life

Manuela I attended the retreat of Fr. James
at Linz with my parents, the Lord healed 
me from my skin disease. I feel so happy.
I will follow Jesus

Jozo: I am the father of Manuela, in the retreat 
at Linz the Lord liberated me from the habit of smoking 
cigarettes, also the Lord healed me from all my physical
illness. When Fr. James prayed over me in the room
I felt down, and I felt the power of the Holy Spirit
liberating me from the power of darkness. 
Immediately I threw away the lighters and cigarrettes.

Marisa: I am the mother of Manuela, I had fieber 
and swelling on my body because of the blader stone.
In the prayer for healing at Linz I was fully healed. 
Praise the Lord!

Anneliesse aus Birkenfeld: In the year 2004, in the
Fest für jesus at Graz, I came with clutches as I
could not walk. In the healing prayer I could throw 
away the clutches, also the Lord healed me from
pains on the shoulder and back. Now I am healthy.
In this retreat the Lord healed my eyes,
I can read even the small letters.

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