Fest of Jesus. Graz - Austria. May 14 - 17. 2005

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Pfarrer Florian Parth CM, the organizer of "Fest für Jesus" giving a talk on inner healing to the crowd.


Fabian Liar : In the retreat I am healed 
of various allergies of dust, of horses, cats. 

Anna: In the retreat of Fr. James I was healed
of a knot in the left breat´and received great
inner healing and became a new person

Elisabeth:I received an inner healing. I 
believe and I claimed a healing for soriasisi

Peter: 22 years before I lost faith in the 
Church. I had no confession for the last 15 
years, in this "Fest für Jesus" I made a very 
good confession and found my way back to 
Jesus and the Church. Seeing my conversion,
my daughter stop smoking cigarrettes

Astrid: I am freed from alcohol, smoking 
cigarrettes, and now I am living a new life 
in Christ and I got married and living a 
happy married life, all because of the 
charismatic retreat of Fr. James

Sisiter Pia: I was in esoteric and I could not 
pray before attending the retreat of Fr. James.
After I left esoterics I am at peace, now I can 
pray well and I live a happy community life.

Gottfried Haas: My relationship with Jesus and 
the Church was very bad. I used to go to Church
only on Christmas and Easter, after 50 years I 
made a good confession in the retreat of Fr. 
James and started a new life with my family

Rosemarie Suman: After 35 years I made 
a good confession in the retreat of Fr. James
and gave my life to Jesus. Now I found my 
way with Jesus and I am very happy

Joseph: I am healed of my slip-disk. I 
received many blessings in this Fest für 
Jesus. I wish all come to this kind of 
program and renew their Christian life.

Maria Höfer: I could not move or lift 
my hands. Jesus healed me completely.
I rejoice in the Lord

 Elisabeth : I am healed from my 
"Schuppenflecken". I am living a new 
life in Jesus.

Anna: I am healed from skin disease, 
hair fall, colesterol, and slepplessness


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