Fest für Jesus. Graz  - Austria. May 30 to June 2. 2004

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This is the testimony of Daniela and Brigitte, two children who attended Fest für Jesus with their mother from Graz. 

Both of them were suffering from reumatism. After the healing prayer, both the children came to the room of Fr. James and testified the healings. Early morning Daniela said to her mother, "mama, mama, I have no pain, I am healed". Them she said to her mother that during the healing prayer, she heard clearly her name called out by Fr. James and then she believed and claimed the healing. In the room, Fr. James asked Brigitte why she was not healed, then she said, "you call and healed Brigit and not Brigitte!!" She was listening to the healing prayer to hear her name pronounced as healed but she did not hear it, so she did not claim the healing. But after laying the hands she claimed healing. Both gave testimony with the mother on the stage.

Luceil: Set free from esoterics and 
healed from cancer in the breast

Maria from Slovenia was healed 
from cancer in the abdomen

Maria: Left esoteric. A cist from the 
uterus healed. Husband set free from 
alcohol. The whole family became 
new in the Holy Spirit 

Regine: She was suffering from 
migraine headache for many years. 
Completly healed, set free from 
depresion, sadness, etc.

Simone: Confesion and conversion 
after 15 years. Left all her bad 
relationships and bad habits and 
decided to live a life for Jesus

Alfred: Stopped computer games 
and began a new life in Christ

Barbara: Stopped smoking and 
started giving that amount spend on 
cigarrettes for evangelization

Franz: Liberated from sadness, depresion, 
and guilt caused by a sexual misuse in 
childhood and found joy in the Lord in 
the previous retreat with Fr. James and
claimed healing of the phisical pains.

Jonas: Was hurted in sports in his 
joints and knees. He claimed complete 
healing and good health. He is 
already a "Jesus youth" by the 
youth retreat of Fr. James

Nadin: Got a deep conversion in the 
youth retreat and stop smoking and all her 
bad habits. Now living a prayerful life

Ani: A deep conversion after a very long
time. She was going to be operated on 
the knees but after a retreat with Fr. James, 
she was completly healed. The doctors 
had no reason to operate her

Sister Bernardette: She pardoned her 
superiors in the hospital and received a
healing of epilepsy that she was
suffering for thirty years.
Forgiveness brings healing!!

Gerard: made a good confesion after
five years, was able to forgive all. He 
found a new life in Jesus. 

Rosalia: Forty five years she was out of 
the Church and was in esoterics. She 
abandoned all her bad life and found 
new life in Christ in the Church. 
Claimed inner and physical healings

Mateo: A six years old croatian child, 
gave his testimony in the children 
program of his healing of brain tumor 
by the prayer of Fr. James a year ago.

Gertrude: She was broken on the spine
with an accident and could not walk or 
work for a long time. She was fully healed
in a previous retreat. Now she goes around
rejoicing in the Lord with good 
health of mind and body

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