Ciney - Belgium. August 10 - 13. 2006


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 Pierre: From childhood I had asthma and I was taking tablets in the morning and the evening. During the healing prayer on the first day I heard my name and I acepted my healing. Now I have no more asthma.
Lorenze: I was suffering from osteoporosis and reumatism. I had pain all over the body when I came to this retreat. Jesus called my name and heal me completely. Now I go as a young girl praising God.
Geneviève: I had a born again experience in this retreat, since very long time I had imsomnia and stomach pains. I heard my name called out on the very first day and since that day I sleep every night like a little baby and I am completely healed from all my sicknesses. 
Jackie: I was suffering from two viruses and I am fully healed.
Fred: I came to this retreat with my wife for a spiritual growth but Jesus healed me from blood pressure of fourteen years. Both of us are very happy and content.
I am Jacqueline and I am healed from HIV and cholesterol. Praise the Lord
Claire: I was suffering from knee pain for 3 years because of arthrosis. As Fr. James said I put my hand on my knees and prayed and then I heard my name called out. Now I am fully healed
Jeanette: I was healed from cancer 12 years before, but ever since I was suffering from atomach pains, headache and sometimes uneasiness all over the body. In this retreat Jesus healed me fully from all my pains and weaknesses. Praise the Lord!
Michelle: Because of the 30 years black magic in my family I had weaknesses all over my body, I could not walk properly, I was always depressed and lazy. In this retreat I am liberated, now I can stand up and walk and do my works which I could not do before. Praise the Lord!
Perfait: I had transplantation of the liver three years before and because of the mistake of the operation one vein was opened and was never healed. In this retreat on the very first day, during the healing prayer I felt healing, now I feel no pain and I believe that Jesus has restored my health. Praise the Lord!
Gaby: For last ten years I was suffering from leukamie. On the very first day during the healing prayer I heard very clearly "Gaby you are healed from leukamie" and on the next day during the prayer again I heard "The blood of Christ is flowing through your veins. I fully believe that I am healed
Marie from Maurituis: I left my country and came to Belgium with deep hate towards my parents. I could never forgive them. In this retreat I receive the grace to forgive and to make a good confession and now I have the born again experience.
Marie Nadesh: I had deep hate towards priests and I left the Church. In this retreat I was able to forgive priests and I have come back to the Church. After a very long time I made a very good confesion. Now I have decided to pray for priests every day.
Vanessa: I had a stammering, now I am totally healed in this retreat. My leg was blue and swollen. Now I am healed of my leg and I have no words to express my gratitude to God.
Ann: I was abandoned by my parents. Always I was seeking the love of a father and mother. In this retreat I experienced Jesus as my father and Mary as my mother. All my feelings of rejection and depression vanished. I am happy
Andre: I came to this retreat with much pain on my arms. I could not do any work with my hands. When Fr. James asked to forgive everybody, Jesus gave me grace to forgive all and as a result I have no more pains on my arms. I think I can do all my works.
Sophie: I was suffering from soriasis for the last 15 yearsd. Jesus called my name in this retreat and healed me. Already I see the syntomps of healing in my body.
Elisabeth: For 15 years I had a deep hate towards 3 priests. I could not forgive them and always I had the habit of criticizing priests. In this retreat I felt sad that I was receiving Holy Communion with this hatred in my heart. I repented and forgave the priests and made a good confesion. Now I feel myself completely liberated. Daily I will pray for those 3 priests.

Daniel: Since three weeks my leukamie was diagnosed. In this retreat Jesus called my name and healed me. Praise the Lord!
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