"Communauté des Béatitudes" Nouan le Fuzelier - France. June 14 - 19. 2006


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 Joelle from Paris: I was able to forgive all
and I got a deep inner healing. Now I have
no more feelings of rejection. I am healed
from all my bodily pains. Now I can lift my hands and praise God.

Marie Julienne from Congo: I am living
in Paris. I am healed from hepatitis in a
retreat with Fr. James. I am healed from all
rheumatic pains. I came to this retreats with
much pains all over the body. Now I am 
healthy. I can go back to my work

Roselin from Congo: I am working in Paris. I 
am healed in my nose and in my eyes. I had
silicon in the eyes when I came to the retreat. 
Yesterday evening I could look at the sun 
without my glasses. My catharat is also healed.
I dont need glasses anymore. All my allergies are also healed.

Ludwig from Nantes: In a previous retreat with
Fr. James at Potmain I got a deep conversion.
I was living with a woman without Church
marriage. Soon after the retreat we got married
in the Church. I am healed of my depressions
and suicide tendency. praise the Lord

Elisabeth from Britany: I attended the
retreat  of Fr. James in 2004. I was healed
from hepatitis. I had much pain on the 
spinal cord because of the previous 
accident, by the prayer of Fr. James I was totally healed. 

Suzan: I rediscovered my faith in this retreat. 
I came with clutches as I could not walk 
properly, now I go without it. When Fr. James 
laid his hands and prayed I became strong.

Jean Piere: I was not a believer. In this 
retreat I recived deep faith in Christ Jesus. 
My stomach is fully healed, now I can eat any food.

Julia: In fact I came to this retreat
to pray for the change of my boyfriend,
but it is I who changed in the retreat. From
the talks of Fr. James I knew that I was in
immorality. I was receiving Communion
with sin. It was very difficult for me to
make a decission with my boyfriend to
live in holiness. At last we decided.
In the baptism in the Holy Spirit all my
bodily pains were healed. praise the Lord

 Felipe: In the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I 
received a wonderful experience of God. My
faith in Christ is deepened. I will proclaim Jesus

Adeline: For four years I had pains on my knees
and I could not climb steps. In this retreat, the
Lord healed me, now I can walk fast and climb
stairs. Also i got a deep inner healing
from my shyness and fear

Françoise from Paris: I came to the retreat
with  cancer and metastases all over the
body. I did  not pray for healing but I was
praying for my husband and four children.
But in the Mass I had a vision of Jesus 
touching me and healing me. I 
claimed my healing because now I
have no pains, I dont feel tired and I feel 
very close to my Jesus.

Martha Pierre: I had severe back pain since 
years. I was using an orthopedic belt to 
support  my back. The Lord healed me
completely in this retreat. 
Now I throw away the belt. Praise the Lord

   Maurice from Paris: I had much pain on my back
when I came to the retreat. I could not move
or lift my hands. I am totally healed. Now
I can lift my hands and praise God.

John Claude from Paris: In the year 2002,
I began to be sick with pains and swelling
on my feet.  I used all medicines including 
homeophaty. I knew  about Fr. James
through his books and I left homeophaty 
and I knew that Fr. James will heal me
in this  retreat. I was walking with clutches.
Now I don't need them anymore. 
I am fully healed.

Christiane from Camerun: I am living in Paris.
I had a tumor in my head. I had several 
operations. In this  retreat after the 
confession all my pains disappeared.
I feel strong and healthy. I believe and
claime healing for my cancer.

Renee from North france: I came witha tyrod 
problem in this retreat. Fr. James called out
my name and I claimed healing for my tyrod. Holy 
Spirit gave me power to stop smoking. Praise the Lord

Sandra from Paris: I came with much pain 
and sicknesses in my eyes. Before the
confession I was able to forgive all.
Fr. James  called out my name and healed 
my eyes fully.  By the laying of the hands
I am born again.I have much peace and joy.

Dominique: I came to this retreat with much 
depression, I had sickness in my prostate gland 
and pains  on my arms. I am totally healed 
by the Lord.  Praise the Lord

Beatrix: In a retreat of Fr. James at Notre Dame 
de Fatima, Paris, I was healed from brain cancer. 
In this retreat I am healed of my constant
headache. I praise my living God.

Karine: I am French liivng in Germany, I had 
a lot of blocks and bondages because of 
my involment in alternative treatments like
homophaty and new age. In this retreat I 
was able to make a good confession 
of all my sins. During the healing prayer,
Fr. James called out my name and I was
totally freed from all bondages, I received
inner healing and new life.

Evelyse from Martinique: I live in Paris, I 
came to this retreat with much pains on the 
shoulder,  neck, hands and feet. I could not 
lift the hands because of my previous 
accident. I am fully healed of all the
pains and now I can lift my hands. Halelluya

Marie Rose from Mouline: In this retreat I
am healed of shoulder pains, also my ears
are healed, I can hear well. When I came I 
could not lift my hands as a consequence
of my operation of the shoulder 
in 85. Now I have no pain, I can lift my 
hands.  Thank you Jesus 

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