Our Lady of Trois Epis - France. August  19 - 22. 2004

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Julie, healed from pains on the shoulder, 
leg and back. Illness in the annus healed

Yves, Arthrosis healed

Bernardette, I am crippled, in this 
retreat I found answer to all my 
problems. I am very happy

Andrée, Neck and shoulder pains 
completely healed. Found 
a new life in Jesus

Pierre Joseph, I was very unhappy 
about the death of my brother. In inner 
healing I saw him dressed in white. 
Thus I am completely healed of my sorrows. 
I am very happy. I met the Lord. 
I am healed from my bodily pains.

Guy, Healed from long time allergie. 
I was in darkness, I met Jesus and 
His light in this retreat

Jonas, I was very unhappy about
the separation of my parents, in the
retreat I forgave them, now I can love 
them. I have decided to follow Jesus

Pierre Aluva, I am freed from my bad 
habit of masturbation. I found peace and 
joy in the Lord

Marie Therese, Last year in the retreat of
Fr. James I was healed from leukemia, in 
this retreat I am healed of cancer in the lungs.

Gertrude, I left the stick which
was my support for 5 years, 
now I can walk without it.

Rohni, All my joint pains are healed.
I found new life in Jesus

Marie Helene, I was totally blind for three
years after an operation. Now I started 
seeing "I see man walking like trees"

Gabrielle, I believe I am healed from 
my cancer

Lucy, I am freed from suicidal tendency. 
Found new life en Christ, I have decided
to follow Jesus

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