Holy Land - Israel. April 7 -17. 2004

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Fr. James at the Last Supper Church in Jerusalem (Mk 14: 22-26)
Upper room of Last Supper and Pentecost
Fr. James offers Mass alone in Cenaculum. (The exact place of Last Supper and Pentecost) (Mt 26: 17- 19)
Fr. James concelebrated Mass 
on Holy Thursday at the Tomb of Jesus with 5 Bishops and more than five hundred priests
Some of the Bishops. Main celebrant was the Patriarch of Jerusalem Michael Sabbah and Cardinal Martini from Rome
Fr. James in the Garden of Getsemani. The olive trees are more than 2000 years old (Mt 26: 6-38)
Fr. James prayed long time for all at the rock where Jesus prayed in Ghetsemani (Mt 26: 36-43)
On Vía Dolorosa at the third station (Jn 19: 16-17)
On Calvary on the side of nailing and crucifixion of Jesus (Jn 19: 18-22)
On the rock on which Jesus' body was annointed before burial (Jn 19: 38-40)
Fr. James praying at the Tomb of Jesus (Jn 19: 41-42)
The tradition says, thomas was not present at the death and burial of Mother Mary and on his demand when they opened her tomb it was found empty
Fr. James at the Church of St. Peter in Gallicantu ,the side where Peter denied Jesus three times (Mt 26: 69-75)
The prison in which Jesus was kept before His trial by Pilate (Lk 22: 66)
Fr. James at Domus Servi in Gallicantu
Church of Ascension (both Christians and Muslims believe that Jesus went up to heaven from here). (Mk 16: 19-20) 
Church of "Our Father" where Jesus thought the disciples the prayer "Our Father" (Mt 6: 9: 13)
Believed to be the Tombs of Prophets Malachi and Haggai and probably Zacharias too
At the Valley of Josephat where the Jews bury their dead. All believe Jesus will come here for the last Judgement
Tomb of King David (in the hands of the Jews)
Tomb of Lazarus (Jn 11:38-44)
Fr. James at the wall of Jerusalem
The tree of Zachaeus  at Jericho (Lk 19: 1-10) 
Qumran the side where many scriptures scrolls were excavated from caves recently. There lived a group of conservatives Jews expecting the coming of the Messiah in the 1st. Century BC. John the baptist is believed to have come from here (Mt 3: 1-2)
Fr. James floating on the hard water of Dead See. The Dead See is more than 400 mt. below the sealevel. There are 40% minerals in the water. No living reatures in the water. Believed to be the place of Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen 19: 27-28)
At the river Jordan (Mt 3: 13-17)
At the sea of Galilee. Most of Jesus' ministry was around the sea of Galileee (Mt 4: 23 - 25)
Fr. James enjoyed "St. Peter's fish"
The site of the "multiplication of bread and fish" (Mt 14: 13-21)
"Mensa Christi" Simon Peter's landing place by the see of Galilee (Jn 21: 1-14)
Capharnaum (Mt 4: 12-14)
At Cana in Galilee (Jn 2: 1-11)
At the Chruch of St. Joseph where there is a devotion to the Holy Family. Jesus was known as carpenter's son. The only Church in Holy Land in his name!  (Mt 1: 18-25)
In the Church of Anunciation where the "Word became flesh" (Jn 1: 14)
Church of Visitation at Betlehem 
(Lk 1: 39-45) 
Fr. James at Mount Tabor
(Lk 9: 28-36)
"Star of Betlehem" in the grotto of Nativity 
at Betlehem. It is here that Jesus was born.
(Lk 2: 1-6)
In the Milk's Grotto near to Nativity grotto in front a beautiful picture of the Holy Family. In this grotto many miracles especially for pregnant woman and children in the womb take place
A beautiful picture of Mother Mary suckling the Child. The tradition says that rock in the place is so white like milk because the drops of her breast milk felt on it. People take the rock's powder to mix it with water to use for healings
Fr. James at the Shepherd's field 
(Lk 2: 8- 14)
A sample of a mustard tree mentioned in the Bible (Mt 13: 31-32)
Fr. James had lunch and rest with a Muslim family in Jerusalem
Fr. James at the Mount of Golgotha
Empty tomb of Mother Mary in the chapel of Assumption 
Kidron Valley between the Temple Mount and the Mount of Olives

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