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Message on the occasion of the Celebration of 60th Birthday and 33rd Ordination Anniversary of Fr. James Manjackal MSFS.

Dear Friends,

With a heart full of gratitude to God I join all of you in celebrating the 60th Birthday and 33rd Anniversary of the Priestly ordination of Fr. James. Our joy becomes unbounded as we recall that 30 years of his priestly life was dedicated to Preaching ministry spending his life in the service of Preaching God’s Word all over the world.Just as you are with Fr. James at this moment, I remain affectionately close to him and live the sentiments of joy, gratitude and pride as I think of him. The Gifts and Giftedness of his life as a priest have become the source of Grace for millions of people all over the world. Today I join all of you in thanking God for His marvelous ways in the life of Fr. James. I thank God for the gift of his life, for the gift of his vocation, for the gift of his religious and missionary commitment and for the gift of the Global-mission entrusted to him. 

To go back in memory, Fr. James Manjackal started his priestly life as a zealous, hard working missionary in the villages of Andhra Pradesh in India. Later he was appointed vocation promoter and professor in our seminary in Kerala. He had a transforming experience of the Spirit of God in his life and since then he never turned back rather lived his life in total submission to the leading of the Spirit of God. He has been one of the first priests in India to be fully involved in Charismatic Preaching. He started his preaching ministry in Kerala, soon grew into national level and has been invited for Preaching in many countries outside India. For 25 years he was instrumental in the growth of charismatic movement in India and served the church as a renowned preacher, resource person, member of the service team etc. He is one of the founding members and the promoter of Chris-Teen and Jesus Youth Movements which have now become International. He founded CharisBhavan, the retreat cum renewal centre in 1990 at Athirampuzha, Kerala, the only institution of its kind in the congregation at that time.He has also founded a Charismatic, Evangelization Community of Consecrated Women called ‘Charis Marian Maids’ in Kerala. For almost one decade he is fully at the service of the global church, committed to World Renewal Mission. He has so far preached in 67 countries – in Asia, Europe, Africa, America and the Gulf. 

Fr James lives his life with a Prophetic mission. As a Preacher of God’s Word he is uncompromising with Gospel values and Church Teachings. He speaks courageously against the moral evils and secular life shattering the Christian life today. He is bold enough to say ‘yes’ when he believes it ‘yes’ and ‘no’ when he believes it ‘no’. He is ready to suffer for Jesus and His mission. In fact he has had many agonizing experiences in his life while being in the service of Preaching God’s Word.

He is anointed to preach and he does it with a Difference.People of every walk of life, young or old, irrespective of the cultures, languages and nationalities, can simply experience the power of God’s presence in their life through his preaching.His words are anointed with the Spirit of God that it touches and transforms all those who listen to him. He radiates the living power of the Spirit in his preaching.

He has the Gift of Healing. Human lives are healed through his preaching and prayers. This is possible for him because of his Abba-experience through personal prayer. He remains in deep communion with God for hours. The power he receives from the Lord he shares it with others and it effects in the form of renewal and healing of human lives.I place on record his loyalty to the church, his undying commitment and faithfulness to the Word of God, his courage of convictions to address everyone. Fr. James, as you complete 33 years of priestly ministry, on behalf of the Congregation, on behalf our Province of South West and on behalf of all who are present with you at this joyous moment,I extend to you Hearty Congratulations, Prayerful wishes, and Abundance of God’s Blessings for the years to come.AdMultosAnnos.

I thank God for you and thank you for what you are to the congregation, to our province, to the church and to the World Evangelization mission. I thank you for your personal concern for the mission of the province, I thank you for the simplicity of your life, I thank you for the sincerity and transparency of your person, I thank you for your fraternal love for your confreres, I thank you for your love for the province. I thank you for the love you have for me. I am not able to be with you today as 11th June is the day of the Religious Profession of our novices and as Provincial I am obliged to be with them to admit them to religious life and accept them to the congregation.

Together with everyone present with you I pray that God may continue to give you good health and continue to keep you anointed by His Spirit to be a channel of His Grace for the world at large. You have thus achieved a unique place in the congregation as no one else has so far had -in the ministry of Preaching for 30 continuous years, preaching 1289 retreats, 79 large conventions, innumerable one-day retreats and healing seminars, and proclaiming in 67 countriesJesus as the Savior. In the spirit of our patron Saint Francis De Sales, Fr. James all what I wish you for the rest of your life is Vive Jesus – may Jesus Live – live in your heart, in your head, in your eyes, in your ears, in your mouth, in your lips, on your finger tips, in every part of your body, in the depths of your soul – so that You may remain continuously anointed by the Spirit of Jesus to proclaim Jesus as the Lord. May the Lord give you good health to be his faithful servant for the rest of your life.I send you loving wishes, hearty congratulations and prayers.


Fr. Jose Parappillil MSFS


11 June 2006