Priests' testimonies. Bialystok - Poland. May 16 - 20. 2011

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Testimonies of priests on the last day of the retreat:

1) I came to the retreat with much pains all over the body.Although I did not pray for healing, I was totally healed on the first day.Much more I am healed in my spirit.I am very happy that I renewed the grace of my priesthood. Incredible was the experience that I had when Fr.James laid hands and prayed over me.With this experience I go back to my country Belarus to organize a retreat for the people.

2) In the past I had six surgeries.When I came to this retreat I was unable to kneel down.Now I am fully healed, I can kneel down for hours without pain.The Holy Spirit healed my soul and gave me a new heart.

3) In the renewal of priesthood by laying on of hands, I was fully healed of my fears and doubts with which I came to this retreat.The "Emmaus sharing" during the retreat helped me to open myself to another priest with all my problems, and it helped me a lot for my inner healing.I was not regular and prompt in my recital of Breviary, here I decide for a change.

4) In Adoration and in the laying of hands, I felt the power of the Holy Spirit. I feel that I changed.

5) During the prayers my name was called out, I received an inner healing from feelings of fear ,and rejection.I received the gift of forgiveness.I was able to forgive all.Now I am filled with great joy and peace
6) I was sick for last one week, I had a doubt if I would be able to attend the retreat.But I was fully healed on the first day itself. I am liberated from all my bad habits.

7) When I attended the retreat of Fr.James at Torus last year, I was liberated from my habit of smoking for 25 years.In this retreat I received much inner healing.My priesthood is renewed.

8) At Torun when I attended the retreat of Fr.James I was healed from bleeding.In this retreat during the prayers of liberation the curses of the sins of the ancestors, I am healed in my lungs.

9) In this retreat I prayed for the gift of chastity and clelibacy,and the Lord gave them to me.I am healed of my pains on my knees
10) I received a lot of spiritual healing in this retreat.I am liberated from the fear towards authority. I feel total freedom in my soul.The Holy Spirit gave me a new heart in this retreat.

11) I never had the experience of the love of my parents.I had homosexual tendencies and the habit of masturbation.In my six years of Priesthood,always I offered the Mass with sin in my soul.External I was looking ok for the people but I was very bad within my soul.In this retreat the LOrd broke my soul, He healed me and liberated from all my bad habits.Now I am new.Praise the Lord.

12) I am fully healed from my feelings of rejection and the Lord liberated me from my sinful habits.

13) I got a deep inner healing here. When I began practicing Acupuncture I lost the anointing of the Holy Spirit.When I left all practice of new age, I was liberated.Here in this retreat I felt that it was my second Ordination!

14) In this retreat. I am healed in my lungs and I believe that I am healed from Berylliosis.

15) When I came to the retreat, I had much pain on the back. I did not ask for healing but the Lord healed me after the renewal of my priesthood.I am healthy in my soul and body.

16) I was to have a surgery for a lump on my left hand, but in this retreat Jesus healed, I have no more lump, and I dont need a surgery. He healed me without my asking.

17) I am healed from all fears and inferiority complex. I am strenghtened in my priesthood.

18) I was a missionary in Zambia.In 2009 I came back with various kinds of illness in my internal organs as a consequence of several attacks of Malaria in Africa.I had problem in my stomach, my kidney, my lungs etc No doctors could heal me. But here the living Jesus healed me.I was not able to walk well.This morning I was running, even running though the red signal so the police stopped me! I am born again, I am new.I found the power my priesthood again.I have no words to express my experience of this retreat.Praise the living God.

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