Holy Spirit, Lord, I thirst for you, if only you come into my heart I shall be happy and satisfied. I repent of all my sins and reconcile with all and commit myself to live a righteous life according to God's will. I accept Jesus Christ as my only Savior and Lord and decide to follow Him in all walks of my life. O, Spirit of the Living God, come and enter into the throne of my heart and give me a personal relationship with Jesus and His Father. Give me grace and power to call God "my Father" and to experience Jesus as my brother and to see everyone in the world as my brothers and sisters. Flood my heart with all your blessings especially love, peace and joy. Holy Spirit Lord, lead me and guide me with your inspirations and words to walk in holiness and truth and give me power to fight out my salvation overcoming the Satan, the flesh, and the world.
(After this prayer, may be repeated several times with living faith, believe that you have receive the Holy Spirit and thank and praise the Lord. Just say repeatedly "thank you Jesus", "praise you Jesus", "Alleluia". You may get an inner urge to praise Jesus spontaneously with strange sounds which is the gift of tongues).

I thank you Holy Spirit for having heard my prayer and come into my heart with new life. Now I'm confident that I am in the Kingdom of God and I am saved. Thank you Spirit, thank you Father, thank you Jesus. Amen

Go on thanking and praising God experiencing the new life!

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