It is time for people of all European countries to make a prayer compaign (chain prayer, Jericho prayer or rosary compain etc) so that their president or prime minister or chancelor do the same, before European countries get perished by Satan!

Those who are in charismatic renewal or any other renewals or Marian devotions should take this innitiative. Prayer with fasting can move mountains! It is time to wake up from your slumber coldness, indifferece, selfishness& laziness, my children, other wise your next generations would be enslaved to Satan who will lead all to darkness of soul leading to sins of all kinds & ultimately killing both body& soul to hell! Read the signs of the times. Come on, Europeans, wake up and stand erect to fight for your faith in Jesus Christ the Lord- the root of Europe!
 Zambia, Peru or our neighbor Poland are challenges before you.

Come on, hurry up otherwise it would be too late!

Your brother Fr. James who loves you& works among you



Click here: Poland, Peru, and the Ukraine Consecrate Their Countries to God

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