List of people in Agape

Image Name eMail Country Illness Ask for prayers? Date
Celine Palamuryilnomemail@xxxx.comIndiaI am Celine Palamuryil. I became crippled due to Polio. By God\'s grace I am able to walk with stick. My family is poor. Fr.James Manjackal helped to build a house for me and my parents with whom I live. Occasionally Fr. James helps me with money for my treatment & life. I pray to the Lord that I may have a small job ( or work) to help myself for my life in the future.I am happy and content in my life. I will pray for all those who are in this group. Kindly pray for me and my parents with whom I live. Yes2017-04-21 12:30:03
Lavina Lobolobolavina@hotmail.comIndiaI have a frozen shoulder since 2015. Doctors say there is no cure. There is some thickness of coraco humeral ligament. As years go by the shoulder will be degenerated. Only a miracle can happen.Yes2017-04-09 15:00:12
Thomas Mattakarathundyilnoemail@noemail.comIndiaI am Fr. Thomaskutty, Mattakarathundyil MSFS. I was ordained priest on 1st January 2007. On 16th of the same month, on my way to the priestly ordination of one of companions, in a car accident my spine is broken and I am permanently on bed& wheel chair. I stay with my confreres at Charis Bhavan, a prayer center founded by Fr. James Manjackal and do whatever pastoral works that I can do like hearing confessions, counselling, praying over the sick etc. I have much spamodic & neurotic pains, sometimes very severe but I try to offer them to The Wounds of Christ Jesus and to find joy. I have no complaint whatsoever, I see Gods plans and providence in my life. I thank God for all those who help me and pray for me. I know that it is impossible for me to be cured or to get up and walk. Kindly pray for me. I assure you my prayers in my holy masses. I thank Fr. James for this association of the disabled in the website. May the name of the Lord be praised.Yes2017-04-05 20:54:51
Małgorzata Jakubówmjakubow@op.plPoland I am 36 years old. date of birth 1981-06-22 I am ill on spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) since my birth. I am on the wheel chair, I have also hernia gastro-oesophageal. I am very weak.Yes2017-03-25 20:48:32
Jakub Moskwamjakubow@op.plPoland14 years old. date of birth 2003-08-26 He is ill on spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) since his birth. He is on the wheel chair, he can\'t sit by himself, he is very weak, he also has problems with heart, intestines and lungs.Yes2017-03-25 20:45:24
Lazare PALIAKARA LPaliakara@hotmail.comFrance, MetropolitanDate of sickness: 03/07/1997 (20 years) Beginning of sickness: Started with unbearable stomach pain and fell paralyzed from abdomen down to legs (at home) without any apparent explanation. I was a sportsman and a healthy person before the onset of this paralysis. Even doctors were not able to understand. Name of sickness: Medullary ischemia (?)/paraplegiaYes2017-03-24 23:13:27
Ansgar Thesingansgar.t@freenet.deGermany I got a diseas called ALS in 2013. Generally ALS lead to death in 3-5 years. I need to use a wheelchair since the end of 2014. Currently I´m much handicaped, I can´t walk, can´t move my arms, can´t speak..... Through daily prayers like the rosary I feel strength to live and be the most time happy and I have still faith in Christ for a miraculous healing.Yes2017-03-24 23:10:16
Prince Davisprincedavis.p@gmail.comIndiaI am paralyzed from waist bottom after a bike accident. Now it is almost 9 years.Yes2017-03-24 23:07:15
James Manjackaljmanjackal@yahoo.comIndiaParalyzed after Guillain Barré syndrom since December 2013Yes2017-03-24 23:02:12