List of people in Agape

Image Name eMail Country Illness Ask for prayers? Date
Tony imageinc@gmail.comIndiaDear father, i am paralysed chest down and use a wheelchair. This happened from a surgery to correct spine bend. I have a severe spinal bend which is getting worse. Now i have started weakness in hands and breathing problems and severe back pain. It seem no promising treatment remain for me. Yes2020-07-28 19:31:32
QUEROY Pierrepierre.queroy@noos.frFrance, MetropolitanMy name is Pierre, i\'m 56 years old . I\'m married and we have a 16 years old son..I had an hemoragic brainstroke on april 2017 which left me hemiplegic. Since then i recover slowly but i\'m still in a wheeling chair. I\'ve faith and I know that Jesus and Mary are at work to heal me, with te prayers of my family and all of yours . God bless youYes2020-06-06 18:46:11
QUEROY Pierrepierre.queroy@noos.frFrance, MetropolitanMy name is Pierre, i\'m 56 years old . I\'m married and we have a 16 years old son..I had an hemoragic brainstroke on april 2017 which left me hemiplegic. Since then i recover slowly but i\'m still in a wheeling chair. I\'ve faith and I know that Jesus and Mary are at work to heal me, with te prayers of my family and all of yours . God bless youYes2020-06-06 18:46:10
Helene Tiamapaulmariebello@yahoo.frMaliMy name is Helene, I am Malian, I am about 68 years old. I lost my sight in September 2017 due to undiagnosed glaucoma. Pray for me so that I can cover my sight, even partially. May Mother Mary accompany you, Happy Pentecost feast.Yes2020-05-31 13:17:33
Michel BELLOpaulmariebello@yahoo.frMaliMy name is Michel, I am Malian. I was born in 1944 and since my first years I had polio and I lost my left leg. during all these years I managed with my right leg but for 3 years, I can\'t walk anymore. I have pain in my back, my legs and I can\'t walk. I ask you to pray to our Lord for me so that I can move, I also ask him to heal me spiritually, to give me to love him even more and to have Him as Lord and Savior, the one who can do anything . May he give me joy and hope.Yes2020-05-31 13:08:24
Godwin Scarlet Nuwordugsnuwordu@hotmail.comAustriaI am candicaped and blessed to participate in the suffering of Christ. I have faced so much tribulations BUT whenever I thought the end has come, God sent a Destiny Helper to set me free fora while. I am lame and confined to the wheelchair BUT happy with my cross. I was born on 2nd. September 1945 and now under social care in Old People`s Home in Vienna - AUSTRIA. My Family and Blood line are undere Generational Curse of Divorce. I wrote Father MANJACKAL about it in 2018 and his secretary sent me a book which am still reading. Am grateful for the gift of Life and the lessons attached to it. Hope to learn MORE from this Groupin order to get promoted Spiritually. With Much Love from GodwinYes2020-05-27 17:51:08
Nadia Catherine Bouhtanadiabouhta@yahoo.frFrance, MetropolitanHello, I\'m sick since at the age of twenty. I\'m 35 years old now. I became Christian at 30.I m became for a muslim family.It is a genetical illness, the Ehler Danlos Syndrome.I have several illnesses.I\'am falling in love with Jesus Chist when I read how he suffered because he loved me and all of us, and how much he was so good.I said me, I can and I want following this God. Then, I search if it was the truth and it was.Thank you our God! I\'m so tired, I suffer physically every day and I must a rolling chair when I exit. I need help to eat and wash.But it s not a mortal illness,and I know that a lot of people suffer very more than me .I can\'t work. God bless you! I\'m sorry for my poor English. Yes2020-03-09 05:42:39
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ineez ugo have some problems with my feet due to varicose veins. and my brother has kidney problems, he does his dialysis 3 times a week. please pray for some cure. Yes2020-01-08 12:28:56
LUCIJA IVANOVICivanoviclucija185@gmail.comBosnia and HerzegovinaI got a rare neuromuscular diseas myasthenia gravis, and I am very grateful to God that I am alive.Jesus helps me through the day to take care for my two sons and husband, also Jesus liberated me from many flaws and sins and I am really witness of God\'s mercy in my life.Yes2019-12-03 22:43:43
Angelica reyangelica@gmail.comSwitzerlandI am very hard of hearing. I inherited this disability from my parents who are both deaf. The difficulties of this disability are the following points: - In every day life, I have to lipread and concentrate hard to be able to communicate well with hearing people. - I cannot understand the radio talkings. - I cannot sing and enjoy music well. Yes2019-10-20 21:13:38
flora kbidymarie-flora.k-bidy@orange.frReunionanorexie,malade,faible, marche peuYes2019-08-29 13:19:18
flora kbidymarie-flora.k-bidy@orange.frReunionanorexie,malade,faible, marche peuYes2019-08-29 13:19:14
marie christine meuniermariechristine.meunier0242@orange.frFrance, MetropolitanMerçi Pére de Priez pour moi , je suis née malentendante de naissance et implantée de l oreille droite , que Dieu vous Bénisse mon Pére Marie christineYes2019-02-12 08:12:24
DELHOUMEvanessa.delhoume@gmail.comFrance, MetropolitanHello, I am 37 years old, I am delighted to discover this group. I suffer from neuropathies in both legs following a surgical accident. These operations were mandatory to prevent recurrence of pulmonary embolism and phlebitis. My two sciatic nerves have been damaged, so I have sensitivo-motor disorders. I\'m using canes to walk. I do not know if I will recover .... being a nurse, and, passionate about my job, difficult to project myself in the months that come to put me at the service of the sick ...Advice to accept my handicap? Thank you, God bless you, father and brothers and sisters in Christ.Yes2019-01-19 19:33:05
Daniel THOMASdaniel.carnas@free.frFrance, MetropolitanHello Father, I want to be part of your group, even if my back hurts me a lot, I'll give you my picture because I do not have it on hand. In union of prayers ---- Bonjour Père, je veux faire parti de votre groupe,même si mon dos me fait très mal, je vais vous faire suivre ma photo car je n\'en ai pas sous la main. en union de prière No2018-08-01 06:05:47
Marie-Hélène Caumartincaumartin.marie-helene@wanadoo.frFrance, MetropolitanPlease do you prayer for my husband. Very difficult with him. His name is Christian. Handicap 1972. He as 73 years. He no accept his handicap. H\\\"is very tired me too.God bless you. Sanc.Yes2018-06-21 11:50:27
Caroleina Zehetnercaroleina.zehetner@gmx.atAustriaMy bladder muscle does not work as normal. Bless for me, thank you. Praise to the Lord.Yes2017-12-15 09:46:44
Marie-France Kohlschmittmarie-france@orange.muMauritiusi cannot walk well..i have to travel by taxi and no one want to help me ...i am sad father Manjackal..i want to go to church very often, but i cannot work and walk a litte ..i stay home always...i remember when i was very yong in Mauritius....and i suffer from cramps and arthritis, and my colum vertebral column sice i fall down....and open my head...doctors have to sow my pray for me...Yes2017-12-13 16:48:20
Ida Pavličmarijan.pavlic@t-2.siSloveniaSince October 2016, when she was run ower the car, she can\'t talk or moveYes2017-11-17 14:50:32
MARIE PRISCILLA NATCHOUchourie6@gmail.comMauritiusSick since May 2012. Beginning of sickness: Started with unbearable backache pain and fell paralyzed from abdomen down to legs (at home) without any apparent explanation. I was an active and a healthy person before the onset of this paralysis. From this doctors diagnostic intestinal problem and severe gynecologist problem. Stay permanently on bed and go wheelchair when necessary. Name of sickness (?)/paraplegiaYes2017-10-18 08:58:31
Judyta (Judith)sky_89@wp.plPolandMy daughter Judyta was born in 2015 with reduced muscle tone and some doctors said she has symptons of microcephaly .She was diagnosed late and neurologists still don\'t know what\'s the reason of her disability-some problems with genes ,spine ,spine core or something else.She still can\'t walk,talk or move normally but she\'s really joyful ,sweet child.Specialist said after findings that Judyta is late mentally and physically about a year. Soon she will feel the difference between her and her peers.All the time I go with her to hospitals ,rehabilitation and many doctors and I\'m waiting for happy end but still no results,she\'s not making enough progress.Maybe her disability is my fault ,because I never wanted to be a mom and that was awful time for me when I found out about pregnancy .I wasn\'t able to love Judith(Judyta) for so long ,i didn\'t want her,with time it\'s changing .So please pray for heeling of my little daughter ,I don\'t want her to suffer or feel different and sad .If I can ask You about someting more-please pray for me sometimes too .God bless You all .Yes2017-08-12 16:37:53
Marie-France Kohlschmittmariefrance2610@gmail.comMauritiusi cannot walk since 4 year, nor write, i fall down often ,i take too many pills since chilhood. pl. i am alone , my parents one want to be my friend as i am a burden for all ,i cannot go to church for confession and holy communion as i cannot go in a bus. i follow mass in you tube, rosaries, retreat on you tube, adoration and pray for me.Yes2017-08-10 19:56:34