List of people in Agape

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Mariuszroxette2000@o2.plPolandMy Dears, My name is Mariusz but you can call me Mario. I live in the North of Poland. I am disabled person. I have Cerebral Palcy since I was born. Besides Cerebral Palcy I have almost all but... I believe. I have had some operations on my legs 10 years ago .The doctors transplanted me the muscles and set me my bones. Now I use the sticks to walking. I need special rehabilitation and someone who wants to work with me. At present I live alone. I am educator, and a month ago I have finished Spiritual Theology on Pope University in Warsaw. Now I am looking for a job and my place on the ground. Anywhere. I would like to work with the children special unwanted and unloved, I understand them. Now I am living on a pension. it\'s not esasy but I like my life. Besides I am an optimist, I love to sing, like people, journeys, Polish and Italian cuisine. I was on retreats with Father James Manjackal in Warsaw and I I have experienced the Holy Spirit. It was my scound time with Father James but this time was really strong. One day after blessing of disabled I stood up from the chair I did two or three steps and I felt the big stream of warm from the top of my head through all my body. I don\'t know how long it was it but I couldn\'t say anything. It was like a someone who have touched you. I have had a feeling: don\'t worry it\'s me. I felt so small, so awkward in the hands of my real Father. Than I started crying. I couldn\'t go on my place. One woman asked me: Are you ok? But I couldn\'t say anything. I took a chair, I sat on it. After few minutes I came back to my seat. This feeling I have had secound time. My first time it was two years ago also on retrats with Father James. At that time I wanted to say thank you to Father James. Father James put me his hands on my head and he has been praying on me. After all I stood up and I have the same feeling of the big stream of warm from the top of my head through all my body. It was like a someone pour out on you the whole backet of water but the water wasn\'t cold. I remember the voice of the volunteer. She said: He will fall down soon, he will fall down soon, but I didn\'t fall. After all I set on a chair and I started loughing. It was incredible. I remember I said: The Holly Spitit real exist. Praise the Lord. I would like to ask you about prayer request, about love in my heart and in the heart of my biological mother. Thank you. Mariusz Yes2017-07-10 13:48:48