Shirly Lawrance
17.05.2017 - 16:38:18 -

Dear Fr.James,I have attended your reteat at Sehion ,UK from 10th to 13th May,is anointing ,helped me to experience the love of Jesus to me and to my family.I got inner healing and physical healing from my joint pain.I laid my hands upon the photo of my daughter in law,I believe that Anju is cured of her Migraine and polycystic ovaries ,pray for her to bless them with a baby.Soon I am going to work in qatar,please for me.Ps pray for my daughter Nitty Lawrance ,lost her faith in Jesus and also for my son Nijo Lawrance.
We all pray for your Ministry and
good health,waiting for the upcoming retreat in UK.
Thank you very much
Shirly Lawrance.

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